Hosted by Isabella Delbakhsh, Hello World, the Future is Female uncovers female leaders leading our world to a better and brighter future.


This podcast welcomes anyone and everyone to become productive, happy, and healthy. Let's change the world together! 👋🌎🎙



Uploading Schedule

New episodes are uploaded three times per month. Two of the three episodes amplify the voice of an inspirational woman and the other is Isabella's #bellasbook pick review.



Let's Cultivate a Network of Empowered Women

Check out the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or really wherever you listen to podcasts! Hope you enjoy 👋🌎🎙

Relaxing to listen to on a walk

A free source to inspire you to change the world + live your best life

Enjoyable way to learn to love reading

Uncovering Trailblazing Women

"In quarantine, the most impactful thing that helped me stay positive and healthy was the supportive community I was able to mandate and maintain. That is why I created this podcast; I was inclined to cultivate an environment that was accessible and impactful. Interviewing these female leaders from all different backgrounds has not only enabled me to form a network of empowered women changing the world, but also help others feel happy, productive, and heard." 

- Isabella, host of Hello World, the Future is Female


Bella's Books

Isabella wanted to share her love for reading with the world. So, each month, one of the three uploads is a #bellasbooks pick. She reviews and recommends books that she finds compelling, educational, and impactful. The genres vary; although, she is currently interested in productivity and self-help books. 



"This is such a great podcast for anyone who wants to be inspired to make a positive impact in the world. Awesome quality and questions too!"



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