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Orlando Math Circle is a non-profit dedicated to creating a "diverse and inclusive community of student mathematicians." Specifically, OMC aids women in STEM by creating the Girls Math Competition and even hosting workshops to empower young women's voices.

Astronaut Abby is the founder of the Mars Generation and the author of "Dream Big! How to Reach for Your Stars." Her continuous efforts to ensure each community she impacts believes in their own potential for success is beyond inspiring. Isabella was delighted to amplify her mission on the podcast.

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This podcast is designed to amplify women's voices and cultivate an empowered community ready to change the world. Check out a few of Isabella's favorite resources that align with Hello World, the Future is Female's mission...

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best self-help book

This is Isabella's favorite time-management book. Her favorite element of Make Time is that Knapp and Zeratsky uses diagrams and visual elements to help the audience form a schedule customized to their needs.


Providing practical tips and tricks to organize your days better, this book is a MUST if you want to live your life to the fullest. 

Talk Tweety is an organization on a mission to provide educational resources for kids to gain leadership skills. Isabella founded this organization in 2019, and is a great resource to learn to lead. 

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