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Why I Created a Podcast

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

It is pretty obvious Covid-19 has drastically changed the world we live in, how much we value life, and the opportunities we take advantage of. I am beyond grateful that my family has not contracted this deadly virus; however, seeing other families suffer is gut-wrenching. Yes, Covid has put us against all odds, but looking at how far we have come... it is truly remarkable. Before Covid, we were not as unified; if I am being honest, we still have a long ways to go.

Looking on the bright side, the Coronavirus has made people, especially young leaders, think outside of the box, fight for what is right, and use their voice to make a change. We are LIVING THROUGH HISTORY. This is when changes can be made. This is when changes ARE being made. Seeing the positivity, unity, and advancements happening because of our young leaders is extremely riveting. FINALLY! the younger generation is using their voice and making a change. From the Black Lives Matter movement to creating awareness for Mental Health, the entire world is working towards molding a better and brighter future... we just have to tackle the obstacles the world gives us head on...

So, why did I create a podcast?

I have the privilege of going to school IN PERSON-- something I wouldn't have even thought twice about a year ago. Although, this is the reality now. The world is going through change. The world needs innovation and leaders. We need to be apart of it...

I wanted to create a platform where I could show the change already happening. I wanted to uncover female leaders--no matter the age-- with a goal of inspiring other people to make a difference. My podcast is the perfect way to hear and see the impact these women are making. I also created this podcast because it was something outside of my comfort an extent. I have always thrived in an environment where I could use my voice to make a change. Also, I simply think podcasts are really cool. Mixing my skills of speaking with what I desired to learn more about... well, it spelled out podcast.

So, ya. That is why I created Hello World, the Future is Female-- I was inclined to use my creativity and opportunity in this pandemic to uncover the inspiring women leading our world to a better and brighter future. Hello World, the Future is Female can be heard from anywhere at any time by should definitely check out this impelling podcast. I have heard it is really influential and motivating! 😉 🎙 👋 🌎

Remember to stay positive, stay inspired, and change the world. Bye, everybody!

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